Founded in 1963 as a travertine quarry, the Scancella Lorenzo & C.
Today has been distinguished by the capable processing of marble and
travertine. Due to its special nature the Piceno territory, in particular
that of Acquasanta Terme, has always been linked to the extraction and
processing of travertine, since the times of the ancient Romans.

Travertine is a sedimentary limestone rock particularly appreciated in
using the building, in particular for its immediate malleability that over
time hardens becoming hard and also weather resistant.
In addition to the versatility and quality of this material it is due to
its success to its aesthetic quality. Unique and unparalleled travertine i
suitable for multiple uses, from the most classic to the most modern of
bathrooms floors.

Not least the marble, a metamorphic rock composed primarily of calcium
carbonate, which is also used, since antiquity, for its properties has
always been the preferred material of sculptors and architects.

The quarry company Scancella Lorenzo & C. extracts of excellent quality
travertine and marble, known around the world for their linear plot and
tone gently.

The company gives the opportunity to its customers to personally choose
their raw block or the finished product such as coatings for interior and
exterior, tile, building materials and funeral stone.
Do not hesitate to contact the Scancella Lorenzo & C. to the number
0736 801295, the company caters its services to all the Italian and
International market, offering its customers decades of experience and